Adele Teases A New ‘Oh My God’ Video And ‘So Much Coming’ In 2022

Since Adele’s new album 30 was released late in 2021, the LP still has plenty of life left for 2022. It’s still No. 1 on the latest Billboard 200 chart, and now Adele has revealed that she’s getting ready to unveil a new video for “Oh My God,” which is set to drop at noon ET on January 12.

Adele shared a quick teaser clip for the video today, which features a shot of Adele standing in front of a halo-like circular light and donning a seemingly religious-inspired outfit, both of which would play nicely off the song’s title. In the brief message she shared alongside the post, she indicated that she plans to keep busy this year: “Rested and Re-Set! Feeling ready for 2022, there’s so much coming, I’m excited for you all to see it x.”

Adele previously told Audacy of “Oh My God,” “[It’s] about the first time that I basically left my house after my anxiety and stuff like that started to sort of subside. I went out with some girlfriends and my girlfriends are like, ‘You’re single, 30, and ready to mingle.’ And I was like, ‘I ain’t ready to mingle at all. What the hell are you talking about?’ It was just about the prospect of sort of dating and stuff like that in bloody LA, which is not the vibe. I was terrified, I wasn’t ready to start dating anyway, but I was scared that if I did, that I would probably make some really bad decisions because I wasn’t ready. I remember the first time [someone flirted], and I was like, ‘Do you mind? I’m married.’ And my friends were like, ‘But you’re not.’ And I was like, ‘Oh sh*t, OK, oh my God.'”

Check out the teaser above.