Joshua Bassett Was Not Happy When A Fan Heckled About Olivia Rodrigo In The Middle Of A Slow Song

Joshua Bassett‘s breakup with pop powerhouse Olivia Rodrigo was not an easy one. Last year, he opened up about how being linked to her massive 2021 hit “Drivers License” led to his hospitalization for septic shock. “I was sleeping 16 to 20 hours a day,” he explained. “I couldn’t even stand up for longer than 30 seconds.”

Suffice to say that Bassett has dealt with a lot of intrusive fans attacking him online. Unfortunately, it looks like things aren’t getting much better. Pop Crave on Twitter shared a clip of a heckler at his show yelling, “F*ck Olivia!” Even if this was intended to be in support of Bassett, it’s blatantly rude, especially considering Bassett was in the middle of a slow, emotional song. He reacted by shaking his head and rolling his eyes, not even pausing in his singing.

In a 2021 interview, Bassett discussed the difficulty of being in the middle of drama between Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter. “[Everyone] is asking me about Sabrina [Carpenter] and Olivia. Why don’t we focus on these women for who they are?” he said. “Let’s focus on the art that they’re making and how great they are instead of their relationship to a boy.”

Joshua Bassett is a Warner Music artist. .