AEW’s Kenny Omega Teased Either The Return Of An Old Persona Or The Arrival Of A New One

With the premiere of All Elite Wrestling‘s TV show only days away, one of their top stars is in an interesting position, one that looks like it could result in the return of an old wrestling persona or the arrival of a new one.

On the Being the Elite web series, Kenny Omega is being driven crazy by his loss to Pac at All Out. This has resulted in him cutting some weird promos and sketches, including one in which he called NXT’s Dominik Dijakovic, “Donovan Dickhead,” while referencing to an exchange on Twitter. For those following the series, or maybe just hearing about Omega’s antics out of context, it’s raised questions like, “What is Kenny doing?” and “Is this going to be a storyline on AEW’s TV show?” These questions were basically addressed on the latest episode of BTE, but the answer remains unclear.

On today’s episode, which was uploaded unusually early in the day, The Young Bucks leave a voicemail for Omega reminding him of his wrestling past and his persona back when the web series began. They acknowledge that he’s taking that All Out loss hard, but remind him of their big match coming up and tell him they need The Cleaner back. Omega picks up a pair of sunglasses that look like the ones he wore when he had that persona, rather than put them on, but drops them in a garbage can and says, “I’m just getting started.”

Is this rejection of The Cleaner persona actually the beginning of Omega’s journey to returning to his old anime villain ways? Since he reformed the Golden Lovers tag team with Kota Ibushi at the beginning of last year, he’s dropped most of the over-the-top heel character he adopted when he joined the Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling in late 2014. Or will he actually continue to be unhinged by the loss of a match that was set up last-minute and maybe continue to do the type of thing he’s been doing on BTE on TNT? Ultimately, only time and Dynamite will tell.