AEW And Turner Are In Talks About Launching A Studio Show Alongside ‘Dynamite’

WWE and All Elite Wrestling both like to say that they’re not concerned with competing with each other, but it seems more and more like neither company wants to let the other do something that they’re not also doing. AEW is about to launch a live wrestling show called Dynamite on TNT at 8pm on Wednesdays, and WWE put NXT on USA live that same night and time. Recently we started hearing more about WWE’s planned studio show on FS1, and now it appears that something similar may be on the way from AEW and the Turner family of channels.

Talking to the Wrap, Brett Weitz, who manages of TNT, TBS and truTV, said that Turner and AEW are talking about the possibility of a studio show of their own.

We are talking about it. I don’t know if you’ve met Tony Khan, but he’s not short of ideas — or passion. So there is a world where we’re thinking about “Where does something like that live?” Knowing full well that within the WarnerMedia ecosystem we have B/R Live, we’ve got all these different components at our disposal.

The more content for these fans the better, and we would love to figure out what something like that looks like.

It sounds like talks are in an early stage and nothing is definite, but with so many cable channels under the Turner/Warner umbrella, as well as streaming options like B/R Live, it sounds like an AEW studio show is a real possibility. Plus, it would probably be hosted by Tony Schiavone, so how could it go wrong?