Alberto El Patron Has Been Stripped Of The GFW World Title

Just a quick update to let you know things are going great with the former Alberto Del Rio, and things are SUPER GREAT with the former Impact Wrestling. Have a great summer, keep in touch, 2good 2be 4gotten.

If you’re just joining us, Alberto El Patron and his significant other, Paige, were involved in an altercation at the Orlando airport, which Orlando police began investigating as a potential domestic violence case. No arrests were made, but GFW indefinitely suspended El Patron (their current world title holder) while they conducted their own investigation. This didn’t actually make any sort of difference for their television product, as the pre-taped episodes continued to air with El Patron as world champ.

El Patron also stepped away from his role as president of MMA promotion Combate Americas while all this was going on. Meanwhile, Paige shared her side of the story, and admitted that she was the aggressor in this situation. Orlando P.D. agreed with her, and Patron was cleared of any wrongdoing, but he remained suspended by GFW as they continued their internal investigation.

On Monday, GFW announced via their website that El Patron will remain indefinitely suspended, and that despite being cleared by the police investigation, they have made the decision to strip him of the GFW title.

GFW has concluded its internal consideration of the events surrounding the suspension of Alberto El Patron. While it is apparent that initial reports unfairly characterized El Patron’s involvement in the incident in the Orlando airport, we are nonetheless disappointed with the manor [sic] in which he dealt with this situation; we expect more decorum from all on the GFW roster, especially the World Champion.

We have communicated with El Patron our decision to strip him of his championship title. No decision has been taken as to the date on which he will be reinstated to the roster, the conditions of which are a private matter between the company and El Patron.

El Patron and Paige have had many very public incidents prior to this one since El Patron’s release from WWE, so it’s possible that this might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, and GFW second-guessed their decision to make him the face of their company. It’s entirely possible that the two sides may part ways following the title being vacated.

This is only the fifth time the GFW Unified World Heavyweight Championship has been vacated dating back to its formation as the TNA world title after the company split from NWA in 2007. That’s the same number of times the WWE Championship has been vacated in that 10-year stretch!