Alicia Fox’s Injury Will Keep Her Out Of WWE Action For Some Time


Last night’s Women’s Royal Rumble Match went off more or less without a hitch. There were returning legends, a winner we can get behind, and that one celebrity we all knew was going to show up, but at least she came in at the end rather than entering the Rumble. Anyway, the Rumble went well, but one disappointing detail was the absence of veteran superstar Alicia Fox, who had to sit out the Rumble due to a recent injury.

Today, via Pro Wrestling Insider, we have more details on that injury. Fox reportedly broke her tailbone during an in-ring workout and will be out of action for a few months as a result. She was reportedly very upset that she had to miss the women’s Rumble, which is certainly understandable given its groundbreaking nature and how rarely she gets to show off just how good she is in the ring.

This injury will also keep her from competing in the Mixed Match Challenge. She and Goldust were set for a first-round match next week against Jimmy Uso and Naomi. Alicia Fox’s replacement for the tournament has yet to be announced, although during the Royal Rumble, Goldust seemed to be weighing his options: