Asuka’s Undefeated WWE Streak Came To A Stunning End At WrestleMania 34

Asuka’s historic and unprecedented winning streak hovered over her first WrestleMania appearance against Smackdown’s women’s champion, Charlotte Flair. Would it continue? Would she steamroll Flair? We’ve seen streaks end at WrestleMania before…

The match started as many expected, with Asuka dominating early with stiff kicks and innovative strikes that were able to come from any angle at any time. Flair was overwhelmed, and a hip attack knocked the champ to the outside injuring her shoulder. An injury like that for a submission specialist like Asuka is like dangling a steak in front of a bear.

Asuka attempted to weaken the shoulder further, but Flair was able to answer back with a series of chops and forearms, but eventually, Asuka was able to get ahold of her and suplex her to the outside with a brutal thump. Asuka was back in control now, and Flair had more than just an injured shoulder. The targets were piling up, and Asuka had any number of places to work over.

A back and forth scramble leaves Flair in a modified armbar, but she rolls out of it. That was close. Flair once again chops her way out and lands a huge spear out of nowhere but Asuka kicks out. Flair is tearing up. She’s been torn apart, but she’s pushing back. Asuka seems shocked that Flair is coming back, then a Figure Four is locked in TIGHT AND ASUKA TAPS!

People are shocked.

The submission specialist submits … The streak is over.

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