Bayley Admitted That She’s Frustrated And Ready To Move On From NXT

After watching her fellow NXT Superstars get drafted to WWE’s main roster, many fans were left puzzled after Bayley was left behind. The Fourth Horsewoman opened up to Chris Jericho on the latest episode of his podcast, and it seems like the former NXT Women’s Champion is just as frustrated as the rest of us:

I think I’m getting more towards [frustration]. When they first went up, I was so excited and just like, ‘dude, I’m just so happy for you guys – if you guys can mold the division and make it easier for me when I get there, like, go for it!’ and I had things I wanted to work on here [in NXT]. But now, I think I’ve done what I can, and especially after WrestleMania and I saw their amazing match and the new women’s title, I’m like, dude, this is where I need to be. So now, I’m pretty, like, ‘alright, let’s do this!'”

Though she did make a surprise appearance to tag with Sasha Banks at WWE Battleground, it was revealed to be a one-time thing. When it does end up happening, however, Bayley knows exactly what she wants to do:

I mean, if I had it my way, I’d prefer to kind of start out the same way I did in NXT where I was just kind of laying low. And I don’t want to be thrown in the championship mix right away. I kind of like growing in front of the fans. What I hope to do is just grow in front of the larger audience, but I hope it all kind of works out the same way. I hope I really don’t have to change much because I’m so happy with how it’s going right now. But, if along the way they give me a few things they want me to change or that I need to tweak to make it better, make the produce better, then I can do it.

While I’m trepidatious about her leaving NXT and venturing into less evolved women’s storylines on the main roster, I have to admit the idea of a whole new audience of girls and women falling in love with Bayley and everything she represents makes my heart grow three sizes.

Transcription h/t to Wrestling Inc