There Are Hints That Tonight’s Firefly Fun House May Be Especially Creepy

05.13.19 2 months ago


As soon as Firefly Fun House debuted last month on Raw, featuring a sweater-wearing Bray Wyatt as host of an upbeat kids’ show, it was easy to guess that things would get a lot darker down the road. Bray’s best known as the vaguely satanic leader of a backwoods cult, after all, and it’s been clear all along that the Bray hosting these segments is that same character, trying to put darkness behind him and be a better person. That sublimated darkness came out in a big way last week, when Mercy the Buzzard ate Ramblin’ Rabbit. Now there seem to be some hints that something big is going on in the Fun House tonight, which will air as part of the tape-delayed episode of Raw from London.

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