Brie Bella Confirmed Her Retirement From WWE On Social Media

Before Fast Lane, news broke that former Divas Champion and Total Divas star Brie Bella would be leaving WWE following the retirement of her husband, Daniel Bryan, and the possible career-ending neck injury to her sister, Nikki. Bella later confirmed those rumors on Good Morning America, noting that the end of her career was, “definitely very close.” As it turns out, that day was Sunday at WrestleMania 32.

You might have missed it, as the Total Divas vs. B.A.D. & Blonde match — won by Brie with a sweet transition into a Yes Lock — was featured in the middle of the WrestleMania kickoff, and cut away from the ring during the post-match celebration. Brie’s retirement wasn’t mentioned, but she confirmed it via social media on Tuesday.

Bella also posted the following during a Twitter Q&A:

If you’re wondering why the retirement wasn’t mentioned, various sources have reported that the retirement announcement and conversations about the decision to do so (and the post-WrestleMania match celebration, apparently) would be featured as part of Total Divas.