Cain Velasquez Says He Will Be In The 2020 Royal Rumble

MMA legend Cain Velasquez signed a multi-year deal with WWE in October, but he’s only had two matches so far – one with his former UFC opponent Brock Lesnar in Saudi Arabia and another on a house show in Mexico City. From a recent interview with The Sun, it looks like his third could be one of WWE’s biggest of the year: the Royal Rumble.

When asked about whether he’ll be in the Rumble, Velasquez told The Sun:

I think I’m doing it… I think so. I can win it, hell yeah, that’s my mentality for everything. For everyone as well, that is how your mentality has to be. I’m going in to win this thing.

Velasquez was also asked about whether the rubber match with Lesnar WWE reportedly wants to do (they’re 1-1, with Velasquez winning the shoot fight in UFC and Lesnar the scripted one at Crown Jewel) will happen. He said it will, but that “I don’t know if it’s going to be 2020, but the trilogy will happen some time or another. The more I am here, the more time we spend in between, I am getting better and better.”

If another Lesnar-Velasquez match is in the works and both men will be in the Royal Rumble, it would not be surprising at all to see Velasquez eliminate the WWE Champion.