Watch Porn Star Presidential Hopeful Cherie DeVille Experience The Legacy Of Wrestling Superstar Virgil

Late last year we broke the news that porn star Cherie Deville would be making a serious run for the United States Presidency with rapper Coolio as her Vice President and, most importantly for a wrestling site, Wrestling Superstar Virgil as her Secretary of Defense. Pretty soon what started as, “oh, that’s funny,” caught people’s eye as a legitimate campaign (mostly thanks to this presser). The story was picked up by the Huffington Post, Daily Beast and even The Hill, although their emphasis on the possibility of nWo Vincent in the White House was a little less severe than ours.

Now that we’re in deep, it’s time for our possible next President of the United States to go back and watch some clips from the guy she’s hoping will help protect her life. That includes the Million Dollar Man in a cowboy hat, and a special moment in anyone’s life: the first time they see Giant Gonzalez.

Adult star and presidential hopeful Cherie DeVille sits down to watch her personal bodyguard, Virgil in a video featuring the Million dollar man and wrestler “Giant Gonzalez”. Cherie used to be a big fan of the WWF and then WWE, but hasn’t seen a Virgil video in years! Watch her reactions to the politically incorrect promo with the Million Dollar Man, and his match with Giant Gonzalez.

Don’t forget to support her presidential campaign at WWW.PORNSTARFORPRESIDENT.COM – Cherie DeVille is running for President with Coolio as her Vice President. International models Khloe Terae & Kennedy Summers are connected to the campaign as is adult star Alix Lynx. DeVille/Coolio 2020

Goal #2: sit Cherie DeVille down and show her the Virgil angle that inspired the most controversial moment from season 1 of GLOW. Part of me thinks that’d hurt her chances at the Presidency, but then again, America.