CM Punk Is Going On MTV’s ‘Champs Vs. Pros’ To Stay Busy Between UFC Fights

CM Punk’s MMA coach promised us a hasty turnaround from the beating he took last year in his MMA debut, but it seems like we’ll have to wait a little longer for Punk to continue his “delusional” UFC career. That’s Joe Rogan’s word, not mine. The man also known as Phil Brooks has signed on for a run at a gaggle of MTV reality stars in Champs vs. Pros, where his athleticism and will to win will be put to the ultimate test, no doubt.

Here’s the breakdown of the show via MTV:

Each episode will focus on a different strength (agility, ingenuity, brawn, brains, endurance and guts). Every week, the winning team’s captain will choose one member of their team to go into the elimination round, and the rest of the team will vote on their opponent. The losing team’s captain is automatically sent into elimination, and their team will also nominate their opponent. The final male and female competitors of the season will endure the ultimate test, showcasing each strength in one heart-pounding race for the chance to win $50,000 for their favorite charity.

Punk’s teammates are a crew of former NFL stars and Olympians while he’s being billed as a “UFC star” which is technically true. One of the people he’ll be competing with is Shawne Merriman, who not only has ties to Bellator, the UFC’s competition but is a dude Punk called a creep years ago.

Props to Cageside Seats for digging these up:

That weird little rivalry between teammates might be enough to make this worth watching! As far as “UFC star” CM Punk goes, we’re still waiting to hear anything about a return to the Octagon. At this point, it seems like a return to the squared circle might be more likely, as strange as that sounds.

(Via Cageside Seats)

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