Cris Cyborg Is Open To Wrestling In WWE Or AEW ‘If The Opportunity Presents Itself’

Following Cris Cyborg’s stunning knockout loss to Amanda Nunes in December, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that one of the world’s most dominant fighters would see her exit from the UFC. In the months that followed, Cyborg teased numerous options before reuniting with former Strikeforce boss Scott Coker at Bellator.

Arguably the biggest benefit to Cyborg’s jump is the flexibility to compete in other combat sports, whether it be boxing or even a foray into professional wrestling. While boxing has been a longtime dream for Cyborg, she’s shown interest in making the jump to the squared circle after attending her first WWE live event in 2017.

It didn’t take long for Cyborg to begin building the storyline that would conclude her longtime feud with former foe Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, and that was before Rousey had even joined the company as a wrestler. She continued to take jabs at Rousey over the next year and even offered to team up with Alexa Bliss to beat her.

There might not be a better time for the illustrious MMA champion to enter the pro wrestling stratosphere, and according to her interview with MMA Fighting, she’d at least consider an offer.

“I love both AEW and WWE and the fans of professional wrestling are always stopping me in the street asking me when I am going to have a wrestling match,” Cyborg said, per MMA Fighting. “If the opportunity presents itself, and the deal makes sense, I would love to challenge myself with pro wrestling.”

Whether a bout with Rousey, or any top women’s star ever comes to fruition remains to be seen. For now, Cyborg’s focus remains on adding another world title to her collection in Bellator.