Triple H Was Afraid Daniel Bryan Would Leave WWE And Wrestle Somewhere Else

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By now, you probably know exactly how you feel about Daniel Bryan’s WWE comeback, and we’ve found out a lot of stuff about the behind-the-scenes moves that made it all possible. We heard about the moment Daniel Bryan found out he was medically cleared to return. We listed some dream matches for Bryan. (I’d like to add Braun Strowman to this list, for the record.)

Now, thanks to ESPN’s Andrew Feldman, we know how HHH feels about his WrestleMania 30 opponent’s journey to returning to the squared circle. The man who runs NXT (and portions of WWE) was worried that Bryan was going to make good on his promise and leave the company if he didn’t get medically cleared. But according to him, he wasn’t concerned about what’s Best for Business. Which is surprising!

“Part of me was so afraid in the period of time when it [was] all going down that he was going to walk and say ‘forget it’ and go wrestle for someone else that doesn’t care, that doesn’t take their health into consideration — because that’s pretty much everywhere else — and risk his life and his health and his family and his baby and risk all of it. And it’s not worth that. We take enough risk every day in what we do. Every day.”

Let’s ignore the shade thrown at “pretty much everywhere else” for a minute and remind ourselves how lucky we are to be living in this reality era. It’s such a treat to have access like this, to learn how real people feel about real life comebacks. The ESPN story, which you can read in full right here, dives into this even more.

If that weren’t enough, Triple H’s DX compatriot and Daniel Bryan’s trainer, Shawn Michaels, has also chimed in on his student’s return:

And remember, if any of Triple H’s comments perturb Daniel Bryan in any way, he always has someone he can call about resolving that anger.