Hulk Hogan Has An Opinion On Why Kenny Omega Should Join WWE, And It Involves McDonald’s

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.10.19 18 Comments

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And now we tie together two of the biggest stories of the week: Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE, and Kenny Omega leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling with his next career move still up in the air.

In a weirdly (but not that weirdly) fawning interview with Sports Illustrated, the formerly disgraced wrestling legend opened up about how much he loved working in Japan in the early ’80s, its influence on his career, and what Japan’s current biggest gaijin star should do next. His opinion, which you probably already guessed (but thank you for clicking to read about anyway) is that fine dining aficionado Omega should experience the sweet, barbecue-food taste of The McRib.

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