A Trio Of Veteran Wrestlers Has Parted Ways With Impact Wrestling

Ever since Impact Wrestling got sold to Anthem, it’s really been a Tale of Two Impacts: there are the people like Scott Steiner who are thrilled to be back and are over the moon that Jeff Jarrett is back at the helm … and then there are the other people! There’s been a big changeover both behind the scenes and on the roster. People like Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis have already made the jump to WWE, and people like Crazzy Steve and Gunner are reportedly on the way.

Now it seems like some mostly behind-the-camera people are taking their leave from Impact Wrestling. Shane “Hurricane” Helms, who had been acting as manager for Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett as the Helms Dynasty, posted quite publicly on Twitter about parting ways with Impact.

PWInsider reports that in addition to Helms, both Al Snow and Simon Diamond have left the company. Snow has been on-camera and behind the scenes with TNA and Impact Wrestling since 2008, so his departure signals the end of a decade-long partnership. Diamond (real name Pat Kenney) had been with Impact since 2003 (!), first as a wrestler and eventually as an agent.

Snow’s departure is probably the most surprising of the three, as he partnered with Impact to open a “Global Development Center” back in November. There’s absolutely no telling whether these departures are a sign of things to come, but Shane Helms is demonstrating publicly that the owl is rubbing more people than the Hardys the wrong way.