Jack Swagger Has Thoughts On Who Should Be The Next WWE Champion

Okay, yeah, Jack Swagger doesn’t work for WWE anymore — he was released from the company back in March. In fact, Jack Swagger isn’t even Jack Swagger anymore — he now goes by “Formerly Known As Jack Swagger” on the indie circuit.

But despite how his main-roster career sort of petered out at the end, the dude still had nearly a decade-long run in WWE that featured multiple accolades such as winning the Money In The Bank briefcase at WrestleMania XXVI and holding the World Heavyweight Championship. Even though FKA Swagger is currently contemplating a career switch to MMA, he’s still got one foot firmly in pro graps, and more importantly, he’s still got opinions on pro graps.

FKA Swagger recently chatted with Sports Illustrated about a variety of topics — but most importantly, who his current favorite wrestler is. And surprise surprise, it’s his former Real Americans tag team partner, Cesaro:

“Cesaro should be world champ. I’m not afraid to say it, Cesaro is my favorite wrestler. It used to be Kurt Angle, but it’s now Antonio Cesaro. He’s the strongest guy there, he can go with anybody, and he is a guy that a company can invest in.

“In addition to being gifted athletically and being the strongest guy in the room, Cesaro is very smart upstairs. He can go in the back and wrestle a match out in his head, then he’ll add his Cesaro-isms in the ring to really make the match special.

“He knows exactly where to put things and make a match explosive. ‘Sell, sell, sell, then holy sh–, explosion!’ He’s so flexible, and he’s made all his tag team partners better. He made Tyson Kidd better, and he was the driving force for me in the Real Americans tag team. His big swing is gold. He’s very hungry, and coming from the indies, he has a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. He uses that as fuel to keep getting better and not get complacent, and he would be the perfect guy to be world champ.”

You’re certainly not going to find anyone at With Spandex who disagrees with Swagger: Cesaro is awesome, full stop. He absolutely deserves a world title run. However, it should be noted that in his five years with WWE, Cesaro has won the U.S. Championship, been a three-time tag team champion and was even the inaugural winner of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale. It’s not like he’s been permanently relegated to the bottom of the card.

But there’s no question he’s a badass (in case you needed reminding, dude just had his two front teeth knocked up into his jaw and kept on wrestling), and hopefully, he’ll get a shot at the biggest prize of them all soon. And remember, if he does, Jack Swagger called it. He, the person.