Joel Embiid Jokingly Asked Chandler Parsons If He Was A Virgin

Chandler Parsons and Joel Embiid have an interesting relationship. Earlier this season, Embiid fired away on Instagram with some trash talk aimed in the direction of Parsons but, just weeks later, the rookie big man from Philadelphia was seen encouraging Parsons to “approach” a woman that wanted to speak with him on Twitter.

On Monday evening, Embiid was at it again, jumping on with a comment while Parsons was addressing his Instagram followers via live video. The screen-shot of Embiid’s comment can be seen above but, in short, he asked Parsons if he was a virgin, presumably in joking fashion.

Parsons has garnered the reputation of someone that does not have trouble in the romantic department, making this all the more hilarious. Embiid has certainly earned his own reputation as someone who says outrageous things on social media on a regular basis, to the point where he was shooting his shot in the direction of Kim Kardashian well before ever playing an NBA game.

NBA fans everywhere would probably love to know if Parsons shares Embiid’s enjoyment when the two engage with one another on social media, but everybody else can sit back and laugh when Embiid fires into the void.

In any event, “The Process” is working, although it’s still too early too tell if Embiid is going to toss some Instagram comments on his shoes as well.