John Cena Answered Some Important Internet Questions About Himself

John Cena is a busy man, and that business is happening almost entirely outside of pro wrestling at the moment. He was last seen in a WWE ring at Survivor Series as part of the losing Smackdown squad. When he’s not rocking the customary jorts and the sneakers, he’s usually out filming blockbuster movies these days.

To that end, Cena is heavily promoting his starring role in the new animated movie Ferdinand, which is in theaters now. Cena also appeared in the movie Daddy’s Home 2 earlier this year, and the world is still gearing up for a raunchy John Cena R-rated comedy called Blockers.

Cena’s a guy that can do it all. That’s why the good people at WIRED sat Cena down for a video where Cena was able to answer the web’s most-searched questions about himself, as well as topics related to Ferdinand the Bull.

Points to the WIRED people for getting out ahead of the “I can’t see John Cena” meme in the comments: “We’re sorry for the technical difficulties. It appears this video has no one in it. We’re trying to figure it out. Thanks for your patience.”

And yes, this is a little similar to when Cena went “undercover” on internet message boards and comment sections, but we can forgive it, since both videos are very entertaining.

You should check the video out for yourself, of course, but a highlight is definitely John Cena explaining what John Cena looks like. “Well, he is a man with a deformed human face.” That’s … shockingly accurate, really.