John Cena Is Terrorizing The Citizens Of Los Santos In A Bizarre ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Mashup

John Cena was squashed by the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34 then broke up with his fiancé Nikki Bella. Now, Cena wants to do whatever it takes to get Nikki back, and it’s unclear whether the digital avatar of himself being launched through the greater Los Santos area in Grand Theft Auto V is a way of impressing her, or simply work through his demons. For us, it’s just damn entertaining.

Watch as Cena flies through the air into unsuspecting citizens, listen to the blown-out levels of his theme music blare in your headphones or another listening device. “It is John Cena,” the announcer screams time and time again as Cena does everything from clotheslining shoppers walking along the sidewalk to straight up grabbing people taking in the view of the six-lane highway that leads out of downtown and throwing them into oncoming traffic.

This is not like John Cena, the man who holds the record for most Make-a-Wish kids ever visited ever. He is, for the most part, a kind and gentle soul beyond requiring his lifemate to sign a 75-page Love Document. Still, the silence, followed by the chaos, repeated over and over as the speakers burst and skulls are cracked is good enough for five minutes of solid entertainment.

(Via corvus1322 YouTube)