Updated Reports Have John Cena Returning Any Day Now

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03.31.16 29 Comments

When John Cena announced that he needed shoulder surgery and would miss time with the injury, most of us joked about how he’d be back in a few weeks. John Cena’s mutant healing powers is one of his best recurring tropes, and he’s gotten hurt and come back early enough times to earn it. Earlier this month, talk was that Cena’s recovery would need more time than expected, and that he’d possibly be on the shelf until July. The joke then was that he’d definitely be at WrestleMania.

Ready for the payoff to that joke?

According to the latest report from PWInsider, Cena is “absolutely expected to appear in some form” at WrestleMania 32 on Sunday, and is expected to be cleared soon. The report notes that he may even be cleared already, which would explain him engaging in dangerous physical activities like games of Sticky Balls with Jimmy Fallon and dancing to Salt-N-Pepa on TODAY.

As always, take these updates with a grain of salt and know that we won’t truly know that Cena’s back until he’s in the ring at the end of WrestleMania doing the Hulk Hogan/Bret Hart/Yokozuna WrestleMania IX ending with Triple H and Roman Reigns.

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