John Cena Took Some Friendly Offense To The Rock’s Insults From ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

The Rock delivered some trash talk with a smile on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, discussing his real-life rivalry with John Cena, how it morphed into a friendship today, and how he’d gladly kick Cena’s teeth down his throat so he’d have to stick a toothbrush “up his ass to brush them.” It was said with a smile in typical Dwayne Johnson fashion, but Cena took the words during his appearance on Wednesday and ran with them. In fact, he got so fired up that he forced Jimmy Kimmel to sweat just a bit.

And this isn’t because Cena was actually angry at his friend or anything, it’s actually quite the opposite. Instead, Cena turns the insults from The Rock into this sort of energetic promo to inform the former WWE superstar that threatening to “clean his butt” is not really a threat. It’s more of a promise. And Cena is there to warn him that he’s going to need protection because his rear is like a “Mississippi cornfield in a downpour.”

If that’s all John Cena does in Blockers, it’s genius promotion. It’s that film’s version of a giant gorilla smashing a mutant crocodile with construction equipment.

Elsewhere on the show, Cena stars in a PSA about drivers who won’t inch into the intersection when they are making that turn. It’s worth it to see him beat up Guillermo with a chair, but probably not the best advice. Sure folks should take a few chances on the road, but sitting in the middle of the intersection probably isn’t one of them.

At the same time, ask me that again when I’m the car behind the person who won’t inch out.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)