Jon Moxley Showed Off His Scars After The Unsanctioned Match At AEW Fyter Fest


Most of the attention paid to the more violent aspects of AEW Fyter Fest was focused on that unprotected chair shot, because it was so legitimately dangerous. For anyone who’s just uncomfortable with blood in wrestling, however, the Unsanctioned Match between Jon Moxley and Joey Janela was also pretty disturbing. For those of us who enjoy a reasonably safely-worked hardcore match, on the other hand, it kind of ruled. There weren’t just tables and chairs, but barbed wire and vast piles of thumbtacks, not to mention Mox peeling off Janela’s shoes so that he had to go full Die Hard on those thumbtacks.

Yesterday on Twitter, Jon Moxley posted a photo of his own back, displaying the effects of that match, and also what look like some older scars underneath.

Whether you react to a photo like this with disgust, admiration, or even arousal (don’t pretend those fans aren’t out there) probably says a lot about the sort of wrestling, and the sort of wrestlers, you like. I’m a big nerd, so it mostly just made me think of Batman.

Alan Brennert and Joe Staton/DC Comics

Like Batman, Jon Moxley has also been fighting for fifteen years, but he took some time off from accumulating scars. Not that he’s back at it, he kind of seems like he’s the happiest he’s ever been.