Luke Harper Appears To Be Injured


Luke Harper hasn’t been around much in WWE lately. In fact, he hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since his tag team partner Erik Rowan tore a bicep at SummerSlam, forcing the Bludgeon Brothers to drop their Tag Team Titles on the following Smackdown. Harper then appeared at an NXT house show on September 6th, for a one-on-one match against Ricochet. Since then, he’s worked several main roster WWE Live Events, taking on Karl Anderson, R-Truth, and Tye Dillinger. The last of those was on the first day of October.

Last night he went to a show by comedian Brad Williams, who posted a photo to twitter featuring Harper in a pretty cool old-school Black Panther shirt, a Toronto Maple Leafs jacket, and a serious-looking cast on his left arm. With his jacket on it’s hard to tell how far up the cast goes, but it at least covers his wrist. We don’t know what sort of injury it’s from, and whether it happened in the ring at one of those house shows or doing something completely unrelated.

I checked Harper’s twitter to see if he’s made a statement now that people are talking about the photo, but he merely offers an admonition about what day of the week it is and the implications thereof. Harper’s nothing if not consistent.

I’m one of the many people who think Harper is quietly one of WWE’s best workers, so whatever’s up with his left arm let’s hope it heals up quickly so we can see him on TV again, whatever role he ends up taking.