Mark Henry Thinks A Hulk Hogan WWE Return Is Possible, On One Condition


Mark Henry could possibly be heading to the WWE Hall of Fame this year, but TMZ decided to get his opinion on another hall of fame superstar when they ran into him in New York City. With Hulk Hogan making some rumblings about possibly returning to the WWE, with the support of fellow wrestling legend Ric Flair, the question now falls to if he can be forgiven for his racist comments and use of the n-word that cost him his spot with WWE to begin with.

Not everybody is on board with forgiving Hogan for his comments, with former WWE and TNA star MVP saying it is hard to forget the words that came out the legend’s mouth. But others are on his side and Henry seems to be open to forgiving the Hulkster, he’s just got to apologize to all the current African American superstars first. It’s an open door from one of the current veterans in WWE, but it is also one that comes with a hefty task. Apologizing for such an inflammatory comment is going to take a lot of self-reflection on Hogan’s part.

Outside of that, it’s far from the only negative quality that the public has learned about Hogan over the past few years. There’s also the possibility that Hogan runs for Congress at some point, so a WWE return might be completely junked.

(Via TMZ)