There’s One Former WWE Wrestler Marty Scurll Wants To Bring Out Of Retirement

British wrestling star, Bullet Club member, and men’s suit spokesperson Marty Scurll prides himself on being a villain, as well as the world’s leading umbrella enthusiast. But he’s getting more and more popular all the time, and his stock continues to rise both in his native U.K. and abroad. He’s a fixture in both Ring of Honor and New Japan, and is racking up acclaim everywhere he goes.

So while Scurll is seemingly accomplishing everything you can think of, it stands to reason that people want to know what’s still on his to-do list. He’s already begun fielding the requisite “would you go to WWE” questions that plague every indie wrestler garnering buzz. But during an appearance on the Sam Roberts podcast, he dropped a far more interesting bit of daydreaming.

And this is one that seems both absurd and completely attainable at the same time: he wants to un-retire and wrestle the one and only CM Punk.

“CM Punk, I’d like to bring CM Punk out of retirement and wrestle him for sure. I don’t know if CM Punk listens to this show, but if he [does]… CM Punk, if you’re watching, come out of retirement. We can cause quite a bother of a wrestling match. What do you say? And that’d be fun, right? Yeah, that’s one for the headlines!”

Punk, of course, has recently been courted to come to the U.K. scene by a promoter who may possibly not have the cash to back up his million-dollar offer, but you know that in the off-chance Punk ever does return to wrestling, it would be perfectly in keeping with his character to do it in PROGRESS or Revolution Pro or something, rather than WWE.

Come on, somebody. Villain vs. villain. Make this happen.