Watch What Happened After Raw Went Off The Air Last Night


Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw ended with Seth Rollins taking a loss to Drew McIntyre, after being distracted by Brock Lesnar’s music playing. McIntyre’s been coming hard at the Shield lately, and beat Dean Ambrose so badly last week that Dean didn’t even appear on this episode of Raw. However, as is often the case, more stuff happened after the show went off the air on USA. WWE quickly put the post-show events up on YouTube, which implies that they’re part of the story, not just a way to get a quick pop from the live crowd.

As Seth started to get up after losing to McIntyre, Baron Corbin appeared and attacked him. That’s when Dean Ambrose’s music hit, and he ran out to the ring looking none the worse for wear from his own run-in with McIntyre. Interestingly, Dean was wearing a Shield T-shirt, and after hitting a Dirty Deeds on Corbin he embraced Seth, so it looks like he’s spending his last bit of time in WWE as a consistent babyface. Corbin’s involvement also raises questions, since Kurt Angle named him as his handpicked final opponent for his Retirement Match at WrestleMania. If Corbin’s still feuding with the Shield, does that imply a swerve to different plans, or is Corbin just biding his time with the Shield until his chance at Angle? Time will tell.