Roman Reigns Called Out John Cena On His Morning Show Home Turf

WrestleMania 32 ended with the two most unstoppable fan favorites in WWE doing what they do: John Cena returning from injury to help The Rock beat up the Wyatt Family, and Roman Reigns triumphantly winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship despite a high percentage of 100,000 people booing him.

On Monday morning, those worlds began to collide. New champ Roman Reigns stopped by TODAY to talk his Mania win and called out Cena. Keep in mind that Cena is an honorary co-host of TODAY and that’s his non-WWE home turf. That’s where he grants wishes, surprises kids, takes down Christmas trees, plays with baby animals and dances to ’90s rap jams. It’s like walking into the White House and calling out Joe Biden.

Here’s the clip:

Choice quotes:

“Hey, John Cena … the champ is here.”

“I’m in your living room, I’m about to go in your fridge and eat your food, so you tell me what to do. You tell me what to do.”

So what do you think? Just Roman Reigns being confident and having fun on a morning show, or the first shot fired in the great unstoppable booed babyface war of 2016? If we’re in a Civil War scenario, I’m throwing in with Team Cena.

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