Here’s The Latest Reason People Think Ronda Rousey Might Be WWE-Bound

The longer Ronda Rousey stays away from the spotlight, the more her ardent fans fabricate theories out of minor events that suggest she’s planning some sort of epic return. There was the time she made a cryptic Instagram post about ships leaving the safety of the harbor … obviously code for a return to the UFC! Then there was the time we found out she’d hired a new coach. Sound the three bell alarm, folks! A return must be nigh!

But so far, Rousey seems content to slowly establish herself in Hollywood, with a guest appearance on Blindspot and a starring role as coach on the revived summer series Battle of the Network Stars. UFC president Dana White has said he doesn’t expect her to return. What’s a person who just wants to see ‘The Rowdy One’ judo throw people around to do?

Turn their hopes to another WWE appearance, evidently. The latest potential secret plans Ronda Rousey may be involved in is a return to the squared circle, the first since her triumphant appearance at WrestleMania 31 over two years ago. The shaky proof? Twitter follows. Obviously.

Take a look at all the wrestling people Rousey just added as friends on Twitter (via MiddleEasy):

Ronda definitely already has the contacts to make a return to the WWE happen. A few months ago, several big names from the company made very public statements declaring they’d love to have Rousey return for another angle. The last time Ronda wrestled, it was a lead up to her appearance in Furious 7. Could a SummerSlam appearance be a part of the promotional push for her coaching stint on Battle of the Network Stars?

(via MiddleEasy)