Stone Cold Gave Kevin Love A ‘Hell Yeah’ For Rocking An Austin 3:16 Shirt

In case you missed it, the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers have started a vintage wrestling tee trend. LeBron James turned an Undertaker shirt into a statement and celebrated the team’s win in an Ultimate Warrior number, and Kevin Love went full Stone Cold Steve Austin. We’re talking the classic Austin 3:16 shirt, the double beers that get on his face instead of in his mouth, and even the “Smoking Skull” title belt. All he needed to do was ride an ATV around the arena and whip a chair at The Rock to complete the look.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed. During his interview with AJ Styles for the Stone Cold Podcast on WWE Network, The Texas Rattlesnake took a moment to send love to Love for the homage.

“Lebron James, another MVP trophy, but lots of love and a shout-out to my man Kevin Love for rocking the classic Austin 3:16 shirt, for clanging two beers together and guzzling them Stone Cold style, and for rocking the smoking skull belt. Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavaliers, a job well done. AW HELL YEAH!”

That has to be great for Love, who when he was 10-years old clearly told someone, “When I win the NBA Championship I’m gonna do it like Stone Cold,” and stuck to it. Now all we need to do is get the Undertaker kneel and roll his eyes back for LeBron. Or maybe Kane can hit LeBron with an urn, either-or.