The Miz Went To A War Zone In Afghanistan For Christmas

There’s no way around it: The Miz has been WWE’s secret weapon in 2017. From his absolutely fire feud with John Cena leading into WrestleMania, to hanging with Lavar Ball, to summoning the Shield back from the dead, to successfully rehabbing Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas into crowd-pleasers, there’s really nothing Miz hasn’t been able to do well this year. He even re-made A Christmas Story with his family, and it was, predictably, awesome.

Sadly, Miz has been off WWE TV for the past month, primarily to film The Marine 6 — this meant he wasn’t even on the card for this year’s Tribute To The Troops special. But it turns out he got to spend his Christmas holiday paying tribute to troops in his own way, flying over into a gosh-darn warzone to spend quality time with the U.S. Armed Forces as part of a USO Tour, alongside comedians Adam Devine and Iliza Shlesinger, fellow pro wrestler Gail Kim, and others.

Here, enjoy this video of the Miz firing an automatic weapon:

America, f*ck yeah. Miz and his fellow USO Tour members visited military bases in the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan, as well as aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Here is a delightful video of the Miz spinning around like a goober on the deck of an aircraft carrier:

Also, here’s a picture of the Miz doing push-ups, as tweeted from a U.S. government-controlled Twitter account, which I think means Miz is officially cataloged in the Library of Congress now:

Kudos to the Miz and everyone else who went on this USO tour, and of course, big ups to our military, especially those stationed far away from their loved ones at the holidays. There’s a word the Miz would probably use to describe you, but I can’t think of it of right now …

Ah, there it is!

(h/t 411Mania)

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