Titus O’Neil Is Giving Those Protesting Nike Over Colin Kaepernick A Chance To Do Some Good


A collection of people on the internet got mad on Monday, as Nike announced a new “Just Do It” campaign for its 30th anniversary with Colin Kaepernick at the center. It led to a number of people who aren’t exactly fans of Kaepernick expressing their disapproval by, say, lighting Nike gear they had already purchased on fire.

Anyway, a number of people have pointed out that there are far more practical ways to approach this. For example, WWE superstar Titus O’Neil has a pretty decent idea: How about instead of putting a t-shirt with a Swoosh logo into a wood chipper or whatever’s going on, you take all of your Nike gear, head to your local post office, put it in the mail, and he’ll make sure it goes to people who could use some new clothing?

The main takeaway from this is that there are few things more absurd — whether it’s for this specific purpose or because an athlete’s request for a trade gets obliged and they’re shipped out of town — than people thinking the best way to show their disapproval for something is to destroy a pair of pants or a t-shirt that they own. But beyond that, this is the latest example of O’Neil being the best, which is always a good reminder, as it’s been about two and a half weeks since our last Random Act of Titus.