People Burned Their Nikes To Protest Colin Kaepernick’s Ad, And Now They’re Getting Roasted

On Labor Day, Colin Kaepernick revealed his long-gestating ad campaign with Nike. We’ve already written about the campaign itself. Now let’s talk about the hilarious overreaction. In a feat of grandstanding fit for Mike Pence, some people have been destroying their own Nike apparel to send a message to Nike. That’ll learn ’em.

Via Twitter

On the one hand, people have every right to get mad at a company for hiring someone they dislike. On the other hand, destroying your own property to protest said company is hilariously hamfisted. It’s so absurd we’d like to believe every image of a destroyed Nike product is being shared as a prank, but then again, this isn’t the first time the MAGA crowd has purportedly smashed their own bought-and-paid-for consumer goods in protest.

On Twitter, the people joking about the protest quickly outnumbered the people actually protesting (or pretending to protest).

Some even trolled the protestors by suggesting other things to boycott:

The protests inspired at least one “wait for it” parody video:

Some people noted the pointlessness of destroying goods that were already bought:

And this guy pointed out the added benefit a boycott would bring to Nike’s image:

Further driving home that point, others joked about Nike losing the oh-so-fashionable “old and/or white supremacist” demographic:

Others pointed out the obvious wastefulness of burning clothes when there are homeless veterans in these streets.

People were really losing their minds:

And some took it a step further:

People even created new versions of the ad that perhaps go too far and sacrifice too much…