Titus O’Neil Is Letting People Know They Shouldn’t Expect Much From His Return To WWE

03.02.16 3 years ago 19 Comments

WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil was suspended for 90 days in February — later reduced to 60 — for a bizarre altercation with Vince McMahon after Daniel Bryan’s retirement announcement. It didn’t look like much, but O’Neil was reportedly almost fired for it. Stone Cold Steve Austin says he deserved to be punished. Batista says Titus should quit and tell WWE to go f*ck themselves.

WWE fans are left wondering what the hell happened, and if Titus O’Neil is ever coming back.

Titus has been relatively silent about the incident since it happened, but has recently started responding to fans (and WWE Hall of Famers) who fantasy book him into big, celebrated return scenarios. If Titus does come back, which he’s expected to, he wants you to know that he isn’t suddenly going to be celebrated as a hero. Examples:

It’ll be interesting to see if O’Neil is able to build any momentum following the suspension, or if he’ll simply be kept around as a formality and never rise below the lowest possible undercard. It’s also probably a good idea to keep him at least 500 feet away from Vince McMahon at all times so they don’t accidentally bump into each other. We don’t want Vince calling child protective services and having O’Neil’s kids sent to an orphanage.

Now Watch: Watch The Incident That Got Titus O’Neil Suspended For 90 Days

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