Triple H Says He Doesn’t Understand WWE Talent ‘Airing Issues’ On Social Media

For those who pay attention to WWE wrestlers’ social media, it looks like morale in the company could be better. Talent has commented on being stranded in Saudi Arabia and spoken out about racism in the wrestling business. Additionally, multiple wrestlers have publicly announced that they asked to be released from their WWE contracts.

WWE recently, through Corey Graves, told wrestlers not to post on social media or talk to the regular media about their work-related problems. On a media conference call for NXT TakeOver: War Games, Triple H expressed the same sentiment (transcript via Wrestling, Inc.):

I don’t understand people airing issues. If you have one talk to us. If you put that out there in the media that’s not a way to go about business. If I had a complaint with a talent I don’t go on Twitter and complain to them, I speak to them. I’ve never understood that process if it’s legit.

There’s a silliness to it, a maturity issue of it’s not how you handle business. Anybody that is out there that is serious about it [gaining their release] that’s talking on the internet, using their phones, you handle your business like a professional. We’re in professional wrestling and the keyword there is ‘professional’. That’s what we are trying to change about the business and make people more professional.

Reaching out to people privately instead of talking about professional issues on social media is common-sense advice for many circumstances. But in the case of independent contractors with non-compete clauses in their contracts who are contracted with a company that reportedly has a policy in place not to fire or release people right now, it’s easy to see why they might choose not to stay quiet about their issues.