The Fan Who Tried To Attack Seth Rollins During WWE Raw Is Now Facing Criminal Charges

In case you somehow needed a reminder to never, ever put your hands on a pro wrestler, the consequences for the fan who tried to attack Seth Rollins in the ring on Monday night are already steep.

TMZ is reporting that the dude who had the bone-headed idea to rush a ring containing at least 3/5ths of the abs in WWE — real name Edward Ferrero — was arrested by Corpus Christi Police for assault and criminal trespass. Though Rollins was fine, Ferrero did manage to bite a security guard, because why not, right? Listen, buddy. You’re never gonna top Bo Dallas vs. Security no matter how many people you bite, so why even try?

WWE has already pledged to crack down on fans who jump the barrier and physically interfere with their Superstars, no matter how secretly hilarious it is to see Roman Reigns get wanged in the head with a Money in the Bank briefcase. Past incidents with people like Alberto Del Rio, and Dean Ambrose definitely weren’t funny, and can be dangerous for everyone involved. Seth Rollins seems to be a magnet for these kinds of fans, having previous instances as part of The Shield, and during his glory days as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Come on, give the guy a break already.