The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 6/1/98: Build The Walls

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the one man power trip

Previously on the Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro: Hip-hop gangsta mack Lex Luger joined the nWo Wolfpac because the red and black is bout it bout it and rowdy rowdy. Plus: Mike Enos nearly killed himself with a powerslam, Macho Man doesn’t want to be called an icon because it reminds him too much of the dodo bird, and WCW invented Gillberg about seven months before the WWF.

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Up first, let’s see what happens to Garth Brooks and his wife as the Thunder rolls.

The One-Page Thunder Recap For May 28, 1998

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Well, one-page Thunder and WCW Saturday Night recap. You can watch this Thunder here.

The most important thread connecting the prime-time weekly shows to the Gambler-laden weekend programs is the best of seven series between Chris Benoit and Booker T, which happens on both Thunder and WCW Saturday Night. Benoit was able to win the first match on Nitro, but Booker ties it up with a missile dropkick on Thunder. It’s a series of matches that make for exciting viewing, but not necessarily for interesting paragraphs 20 years later. “Oh I really liked how Benoit won the third match on Saturday Night by expecting Booker to counter his finisher, allowing him to counter the counter and hit a normally transitional German suplex for the surprise three. It’s great strategy, from a skilled athlete doing the work and playing the long game. That he, uh, definitely isn’t going to win, because he’s Chris Benoit, and this is WCW in 1998.”