It Looks Like WrestleMania 35 Could Be WWE’s Longest PPV Ever

03.17.19 4 months ago


The length of WWE PPVs, especially WrestleMania shows, has been a topic of contention among wrestling fans. While everyone wants to see their favorite wrestlers get the high-profile matches they feel they deserve, fewer people are vocal about wanting to watch a WWE Network program that could be six or seven hours long.

WrestleMania 34 was a little over five hours long in addition to a two-hour kickoff show (in contrast to WrestleMania 1’s 2:16 and WrestleMania X-Seven’s 3:45 total runtimes), and shortly afterward, rumors emerged that the following year’s event would be even longer. A recent compilation of the confirmed or likely WrestleMania 35 card by Forbes indicates that could still easily be the case, with seventeen matches either announced on WWE programming so far or likely to be announced due to WrestleMania convention or current storylines.

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