A History Of Pro Wrestlers Appearing In Bizarre And Hilarious Food Commercials

08.29.16 3 years ago 10 Comments


In just a week, WWE Superstar The Miz went from this hilariously absurd KFC commercial to cutting the promo of his life on the Smackdown Live post-show Talking Smack. While we love that all of those acting chops are getting to shine through for the Intercontinental Champion, we love pro wrestling’s rich history of food endorsements even more.

From NWA pop cans to the preferred pizza of some of WCW’s most intimidating performers, join us as we take a fond look back at all of the food wrestlers have tried to convince us to buy.

Macho Man Randy Savage for Slim Jim

Macho Man’s relationship with Slim Jim is probably the most well-known endorsement for any type of brand when it comes to pro wrestling. Though there’s a library’s worth of commercials to choose from, let’s go with the one where he teaches these kids the value of property destruction as a means of revenge against asshole baby boomers. Remember that the next time you see someone complaining about Millennials and how they hate soap and cereal or whatever.

The Ultimate Warrior for Slim Jim

We’re all familiar with Macho Man Randy Savage’s favorite tube of dried out meat (no, not Hulk Hogan), but sometimes we forget this classic spot from the Ultimate Warrior. What’s best about this is that it comes off as him promoting the joys of mass cocaine consumption more than a snack on the go. Is there anything more apt than a bunch of white powder exploding in Warrior’s face as he freaks the f*ck out? Nope.

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