2K Games Announces A Bunch Of DLC Characters For ‘WWE 2K17’

During the past several weeks, the 2K team rolled out a whole bunch of weekly roster updates for WWE 2K17, and with their last update, they claimed the final roster was official and done, meaning that the announced roster would be the roster the game ships with. (This doesn’t include the heavily-hyped Goldberg exclusive character for pre-orders, or the three characters that come with the Limited Edition NXT version of the game.) It looks like they were serious about that being the final roster, because on Monday night, they announced the first batch of DLC characters that would be available for the game.

These DLC — or downloadable content — characters will be available as a separate purchase or purchases, meaning you’ll have to pony up even more dough if you want to play as official versions of these characters … and you’ll probably want to play as some of these characters.

The announced DLC names:

– Austin Aries
– The Godfather
– Luke Gallows
– Karl Anderson
– Kerry Von Erich
– Mojo Rawley
– Papa Shango
– Tye Dillinger

2K promises that the specific DLC details are coming soon, so we’ll know how much these characters will cost or whether there will be a bundle of some sort available. Last year, 2K introduced a “season pass,” which entitled you to all DLC released within a certain window of time, so that will likely make a return.

The good news: You can soon see Tye Dillinger’s entrance in video game form, hopefully with ridiculous collar. The bad news: It’s going to cost you extra.