WWE’s Solution To Fixing Monday Night Raw Is Four General Managers For Some Reason

WWE raw

Between the announcement that Vince McMahon would return to Monday Night Raw and rumors that WWE has “something big” planned to turn around its flagship show’s sagging viewership, The Universe was buzzing. What would it be? Vince stepping down and putting Triple H in charge? Another talent draft? The Elite? The, the Elite?

It turns out the announcement is that, uh … one general manager is bad, but four generals manager is good. Question mark?

Vince McMahon opened up the show by introducing his daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie and Vince welcomed Triple H, and then everyone introduced Shane McMahon. The announcement: that WWE “hasn’t been doing a very good job lately,” and that the “era of absentee management is over.” Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Shane McMahon will be running Raw and Smackdown going forward, and say that now we, the fans, are the authority. Maybe this is the first step in a long journey, but for longtime fans it feels like more of the same.


That led to an appearance from the previous man “in charge,” Constable General Manager-Elect Baron Corbin, to convince the new Council of McMahons to “right the wrong” of his Braun Strowman loss at TLC. Strowman asked to be permanent General Manager anyway, and the weird pro wrestling Shark Tank in charge decided to fire him. Unless he can beat this man, Kurt Angle, with Heath Slater as special guest referee. You know how that goes. Oh, and then they made it a handicap match.

And that’s your new Raw!