Here’s Why Braun Strowman Doesn’t Have a WrestleMania Opponent Yet

03.09.18 12 months ago 19 Comments

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Everyone’s favorite wrestler, Braun Strowman, doesn’t know who he’s going to pro wrestling’s big dance with. Apparently, plans are flipping like emergency medical service vehicles. But there’s a good, strategic reason for that, according to Dave Meltzer.

It starts with the allegations we heard about back in January concerning Roman Reigns and allegations of steroid use. First Reigns was linked to a steroid dealer, who specifically linked Reigns to his extensive steroid ring that the FBI busted last year. Later, we heard from Reigns himself, who denied those allegations.

The news cycle moved on, but rumblings continue to pop up that a big expose with hard evidence of Reigns’ (and others’) involvement could be on the horizon.

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