The Best And Worst Of WWE Smackdown Live 1/22/19: Mac And Me

WWE Smackdown Live

Previously on the Best and Worst of WWE Smackdown Live: Rey Mysterio and Andrade (Cien Almas) tore down the house, Mandy Rose tried to use a hidden paparazzo to ruin Jim Usos’s marriage, and Shane McMahon did a coast-to-coast dropkick to kick the cardboard that holds a cake into Sheamus’ tummy.

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Here’s this week’s Best and Worst of WWE Smackdown Live for January 22, 2019.

Best/Worst: The Opening

This week’s opening segment couldn’t have been more by the numbers, and your enjoyment of it lives or dies based on how much you want to see these performers. For most of us the amount we want to see them is very high, so it’s probably fine, but it could’ve been better.

If you missed it, the show opens with Becky Lynch cutting a promo on Asuka. Asuka interrupts, because that’s how promos work 100% of the time now, and eventually Charlotte Flair interrupts them both. Charlotte talk shit until Asuka randomly hits Becky, and that turns into an Asuka/Becky pull-apart brawl. It’s one of those segments that isn’t bad, but would be a lot more impactful if this wasn’t the exact thing they do so often. Promo parade, pull-apart brawl. The only thing missing is a fourth person interrupting to set up a tag match for later in the show. I’m gonna guess Asuka jumped in too early and was supposed to wait for Charlotte to like, at least kind of attempt Becky and Asuka into fighting each other, and that’s why it felt so disjointed.

Anyway, Lynch vs. Asuka at the Royal Rumble is going to slap — and, though you don’t need to be reminded if you’re paying attention, right now even the worst shit on Smackdown tends to be better than the majority of Raw — so I’m fine with them stutter-stepping a little to get there. The “announce it on Main Event, then take it back, then spend two weeks building up to the same announcement” preface already made it feel more awkward than it needed to.