Roster Moves We Need To See In This Year’s WWE Superstar Shake-Up

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.11.18 28 Comments

During Monday’s crazy Raw after WrestleMania we saw the announcement that starting next Monday, WWE would have their semi-irregular Superstar Shake-Up™. If you aren’t familiar, that’s when stars from Raw and Smackdown are “drafted” (or traded, or whatever) and sent to different brands. It’s a great idea to keep the shows fresh, and it always causes a ton of speculation and conversation.

We decided to share our own picks for who should go from Raw to Smackdown and vice versa, with a few bonus options thrown in for fun. When you’re done reading, make sure to drop down into our comments section and let us know who you think should go where, and why. There are no wrong answers. Brock Lesnar to NXT! Sam Roberts to 205 Live!

Daniel Bryan To Raw

The most important thing that needs to happen in this year’s Shake-Up is either The Miz going back to Smackdown to pick up his feud with a now-cleared Daniel Bryan, or Daniel Bryan heading to Raw to pick up his feud with The Miz. One of the two. I like Bryan to Raw a lot more than sending Miz back, because (1) Miz and the Intercontinental Championship should never be that far apart, (2) the feud should involve that title belt since it was important to the legendary Talking Smack showdown between the two, and (3) Bryan showing up on “Miz’s show” as a wrestler and not an authority figure would cause the most hilarious indignation in Miz.

Also, let’s get Daniel Bryan on the same show as Kurt Angle before Kurt’s legs officially turn into cooked spaghetti and we miss out on a dream match forever.

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