Rumor Has It More WWE Wellness Policy Suspensions Are On The Way

It had been three years since anybody in WWE had been suspended for a Wellness Policy violation. The last time it had happened was with Paige in 2016, and we all know she’s been doing much better. In fact, everybody in WWE seemed to be in a better place, with failed drug tests seemingly a thing of the past. That changed in December, when Robert Roode and Primo Col√≥n were both suspended (although Primo claims that his violation was more of a misunderstanding). Then just last week, Andrade was suspended for a Wellness Policy violation of his own, and got DDTed on an exposed floor to write him off of TV.

The story going around today, which started with WrestleVotes, is that more Superstars have already been found in violation of the Wellness Policy, and suspensions are just about to be handed down. WrestleVotes hinted that Samoa Joe was among those facing suspension, but Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful and Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda have since denied that he’s involved.

Beyond that, who might be suspended is purely speculation at this point, although many have noted that Rey Mysterio was written off of TV last night in the exact same manner that Andrade was last week.

Alfred Konuwa at Forbes notes that having three years of no Wellness suspensions and then a bunch within a couple of months raises some questions about WWE’s drug testing policy and its enforcement. Tom Colohue attributes this change to WWE doing more random testing and being thorough in their approach, apparently because they’re less concerned about alienating talent than they used to be.

Obviously when anything official comes out regarding any suspensions, we’ll keep you informed.