All The Looks From The Women’s Royal Rumble Match, Ranked


It’s been almost a week since the Royal Rumble, but it was a fun show and I can’t pretend it’s not on my mind. As you probably know, I like to right about the fashion on display at the big PPVs, because everybody’s usually trying out new things and debuting new looks. This year, I decided to rank every look in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match from the least flattering to the most stunning. My opinions are purely my own, of course, but also I’m usually right.

If you’re asking yourself if it’s sexist to only talk about the women in visual/fashion terms and not the men, I get it. On the other hand, I’m doing it this way because the women’s match gives me so much more style to talk about, whereas if I start talking about the men’s gear, there’s only so many ways I can say “Look at those solid black trunks!” and “What the hell is Dolph Ziggler thinking?!” So without further ado, let’s talk about all the gear from the Women’s Rumble.