The Best And Worst Of WWF Raw Is War 5/18/98: The Lower Power

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Previously on the Best and Worst of WWF Raw Is War: The cool rebels at D-Generation X took a CNN studio tour, then added 1998 computer graphics to the footage to make it look like they’d blown up the building with a cannon. Also, Yamaguchi-san introduced the new generation with the new Japanese attitudes!

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And now, the Best and Worst of WWF Raw Is War for May 18, 1998.

Best: The Bearer Of Bad News

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If your brain remembers this episode at all, it’s probably because of the ridiculous image of Kane getting “complicated DNA testing” done while wearing a ski mask and a windsuit. Jim Ross makes the call:

“Earlier today, Paul Bearer and Kane went to a medical facility just outside Nashville, as you know Paul Bearer has promised that tonight he will prove without a shadow of a doubt that he is indeed the father of Kane. Apparently Paul Bearer will use complicated DNA testing to prove that he is indeed Kane’s father.”

You can tell it’s 1998 because the mention of DNA testing is accompanied by footage of whirling robots and constant explanations of how complicated it is, instead of just being a way to push act two into act three on every episode of every procedural for the past 20 years. Bearer’s giddiness at being able to announce that he’s “Kane’s daddy” is briefly infectious, but then the esteemed Dr. Charles Woosley announces the results publicly and Paul instantly pivots to, “your mama wasn’t nothing but a damn two-bit whore!” Weird flex, but okay.

That of course brings out the Undertaker for MAD PUNCHINGS, and Kane overwhelms him until The Man They Called The Man They Call Vader runs in to even the odds. Vader is still facing Kane in a “mask vs. mask” match at Over the Edge, which is still a little like booking Brutus Beefcake in a hair vs. hair match against Bobby Lashley.