The Young Bucks And Cody Officially Announced All Elite Wrestling And Released Some Details

01.01.19 6 months ago 10 Comments

Being The Elite

Many people pledge to do something new every time a new year rolls around and the Young Bucks added themselves to that group in late 2018. We knew the popular tag team and most of their stablemates/webseries castmates would be leaving ROH at the end of the year long before their final performances at Final Battle, and Matt Jackson’s tweet of a countdown clock set to end on Janaury 1, 2019, told us when we would learn the Elite’s next move.

A new video was uploaded to the Being The Elite YouTube channel at midnight on New Year’s Day. It mostly served as a regular episode of the webseries and built a lot of hype, which at the end of the video paid off with the reveal (outside the Tokyo Dome) that yes, All Elite Wrestling is the name of the a new wrestling promotion and there will be a wrestling event called “Double Or Nothing.”

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