Adam Sandler Congratulated A Golfer Named Happy Gilmore On Committing To Play In College

If you are a college golfer named Shooter McGavin who is desperate to show that you are capable of winning the big one, we have some very bad news. Earlier in the day on Friday, a young man decided to continue his golf career at Ball State, and based on the headline of this post and the joke in the previous sentence, you can almost certainly guess where we are going with this: the dude’s name is Happy Gilmore.

For those who are not aware of the height of cinematic excellence (mid-to-late-90s Adam Sandler movies), Happy Gilmore was a movie about a hockey player who found out he could hit a golf ball extremely hard by running up on it and throttling it, became a golfer, and then a lot of other stuff happened that ended with him winning a major tournament. Sandler played the titular character, and in a pretty cool moment, he quote tweeted the original post and congratulated Gilmore on his upcoming college golf career.

Our friends over at For The Win put together an explainer on the young golfer, who is quite good and not legally named “Happy” — his name on his birth certificate is Landon. But apparently, he’s had the very obvious nickname since he showed an interest in golf as a kid, and most importantly per his Twitter bio, he can do the famous Happy Gilmore swing. I hope he busts it out during a tournament, and that no one there is screaming “you suck, you jackass.”